Happy Thanksgiving for the ENTIRE family!

November 20, 2017

It’s Thanksgiving Time!!

The original plan was to get back to Fear Free and explain it
in more detail, but I am taking a slight detour because we have some things to remind
you about for the Holidays.

This week is Thanksgiving which is a wonderful time for
family and friends to gather around and celebrate all the things we are
thankful for – of course our pets are no exception. They are not only part of our family, but we
are all certainly thankful for the joy they bring to our lives every day.

There are a few things that I want to help you keep in mind
for this holiday. It’s important to keep these safety tips in mind to help
prevent anything happening that will certainly put a dent in our celebrations.

Keep track of all the food!

While some of the food we eat is certainly harmless in small
moderation, many things we eat can cause anywhere from gastrointestinal upset
to severe toxicities in our pets. Raisins, chocolate and macadamia nuts are just
a few of the treats that can cause severe issues in dogs.

Avoid giving treats, with too much fat – not so much because we are worried about their waistline. We
certainly don’t worry about ours on Turkey Day and dogs don’t have to wear
those pesky cloths that get smaller and smaller as the day progresses. Our dogs and cats just can’t tolerate fat and
can cause some significant illnesses such as pancreatitis. Make sure you make your guests aware of any
restrictions you have for your pets – they can be pretty convincing to those
who don’t know better.

NO BONES ABOUT IT! Poultry (aka Turkey) bones can be dangerous as they splinter and can cause some
pretty significant irritation/inflammation and in rare cases – life threatening
damage to the intestinal tract.

For a quick reference to the foods and plants that are
poisonous to your pets, please visit https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control.

Siblings and Parents, more Family OH MY!!

Just a quick note that actually includes some of the Fear
Free topics we discussed on the previous post – It often flies under the radar with
all the hustle and bustle that our pets are not always great fans of the
visitors that join us for the holidays. A house full of strangers and all the commotion
can be quite intimidating for our friends that typically live in a quiet house
with just a handful of people around.

Be aware of your pets surroundings and feelings about all the goings on. If you have children visiting – be sure that
your pet has an opportunity to escape and keep a close eye on the
children. Do not be afraid to tell your
guests about any concerns you have – it’s to help make sure that everyone
enjoys the holidays and that the memories you create are all good ones!

Just a little extra care and precautions can make this holiday
enjoyable for everyone and every furry family member.



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