The True Heros - Our Front Desk

The True Heros - our front desk.

While on a work trip recently, I had the opportunity to talk to fellow veterinarians about all sorts of topics - work and otherwise.  One topic that came up was a discussion about our support staff. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to brag about our front desk.  One of the most overlooked members of support staff in this industry is our front desk. The “Front Line” if you will. I spent many years as a technician prior to vet school and had the opportunity (I use that word loosely) to work the front desk on multiple occasions. It’s one of the toughest jobs I have ever done - like EVER.  

Cara & Chrissy

Our client service representatives (CSRs) - you all know them well: Chrissy, Cara, Tracy, Jessa, Colleen and Megan are OUR true heros.  This team of amazing ladies are constantly on their toes. Answering phones, scheduling appointments, fulfilling prescription refills, taking messages for doctors, relaying messages back to clients for doctors - all the while doing their best to continue to take care of our clients and pets that are constantly being checked in and out of the hospital in a timely manner.  Everyone that walks in the door gets the same attention as quickly and politely as possible - not to mention offering up treats and a little bit of love to our pets that come in to the hospital. At this point, many of the pups know right where to go for those Pupperonies!

Tracy, Megs, & Cara

Fact is - our girls are truly the best. It can’t be overstated how difficult their job can be.  Of course there are days where things are a bit crazy, we get busy, our personal lives can be hectic and we have emotional connections to our clients and their pets - this often times makes it hard to keep smiles on our faces - but that front desk does the job, and does it extraordinarily well.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank ourColleen Front Line for all they do and welcome you to do the same next time you have the opportunity to, be it on the phone or in person!

Until next time!


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  • "Best vet, hands down! They are compassionate and truly care for animals."
    Alexander P.
  • "Great staff. Great Doctors. Great care! Can't say enough good things!"
    Ed S.
  • "I don't have enough positive words to say about Pikesville Animal Hospital. Dr. Zumpano and his crew are top notch, and they all clearly love our pets, and above and beyond that, know what they are doing! Best Veterinary Clinic in the state!"
    Natasha G.
  • "[They] were the most professional staff ever as they worked with my doggie for over 3 months to guide her through the healing process. From welcoming, attentive front office staff, to the care and support from the professionals, ALL made for the most positive experience."
    Mamie H.
  • "Dr. Zumpano and all the staff at Pikesville Animal Hospital are wonderful. Expert professionals motivated by their obvious compassion and love for animals - best possible combination! Will definitely continue bringing all of my pets here."
    Kim P.